'Sanctum' by Sarah McCloskey

'Sanctum' by Sarah McCloskey


Coloured pencil on wood panel

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ABOUT THE ARTIST: Sarah McCloskey is a Western Australian visual artist & illustrator based in Sydney. For the last decade, Sarah's focus has been on producing intricate drawings that aim to explore human emotion and connection. Her whimsical and engaging portraits of women portray both fragility and strength and often seek to explore the many facets of ones inner and outer self. Another notable feature of Sarah’s work is the use of motifs from the natural world, in particular botanical elements, where she finds constant inspiration from their structure and form to their historical and symbolic meanings.

In recent years Sarah's work has begun to span numerous mediums, from her roots in graphite illustration through various styles and methods of painting and most recently into the world of large-scale public murals. By bringing her work into the public sphere in this manner has seen her start to reconsider her underlying themes and concepts and the way the works can interact with the viewer, and this is something that she continues to explore. She has also begun to venture further into the world of digital illustration and has begun producing entirely digital artworks.

Although commencing a BA (Fine Art) at Curtin University, Sarah is primarily self taught and directs all aspects of her artistic practice and business herself. She has exhibited widely in group shows across Western Australia as well as in select shows in Sydney and overseas.