The Stockroom of most institutions, museums and galleries is the space known for storing the most amount of work “not for public display”… Until now.

Bringing to the public eye, a part of the art world usually considered private, elitist, and often kept behind closed doors is the ‘The Stockroom’. Hosting work from emerging and established artists of various disciplines, the stockroom is the perfect platform to engage new audiences and educate them on the vast array of talent existing in urban art today.

With the ethos that art is for everyone and belief that anyone can start their own collection the stockroom carries affordable entry level works right through to higher end statement pieces. Hosting regular exhibitions that showcase new bodies of work from a stable of local and international talent, with a keen focus on engaging the local community.

Artists we are currently stocking – 23rdkey – Alex Louisa – Alison Turnbull – Apeseven – Askew One – Bec Winnel – Caitlin Rigby – Cat Rabbit – Craig Cole – Deb – Emma Morgan – Gigi Gordes – Goodie – Hayley Welsh – Ian Mutch – Jennifer Allnutt – Jess Southey – Kaitlin Beckett – Katherine Jukes – Kylie May – Lachlan Hamilton – Liz Gridley – Lucy Lucy – Michael Cain – Michelle de’Silva – Mike Eleven – MKD – Nicole Black – Ohnoes – Rion – Sam Octigan – Scott Marsh – Sugar – Taylor White –  Unwell Bunny – Vexta

Brands we are currently stocking – Beat up Creations – Dodgy Paper – Fox & Ramona – Ivy Muse – Krink – Land of Sunshine – Loop – Sigma80